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Hipster Cat - Memes before they were cool

Hipster cat is quite a cat, and he sure is not fat! He was a cat before cat in the hat.

Original Hipster Kitty Picture

This is supposedly the original, also known as "Hipster kitty before it was cool".

No band only side projects

This guy has so many side projects it counts as 2 bands.

Book Movie Hipster Kitty

Once the book uses the movie poster it is practically dead, especially to this cool cat.

Enters Coffee Shop All Day

The coffee shop is practically the only place he feels at home.

Google Can't Find Him

The real dark web, before it was cool.

Never Heard of It

Ok I trust you, you are like so cultured.

Read Hemmingway at Punk Show

What a rebel, nothing you can do against that.

Saw What You Did There

Hipster Kitty sees everything, before it even exists.