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Kitlers, cats that look like Adolf Hitler

These cats all resemble Hitler or some sort of nazi thing. While we here don't support that type of thing these cats are too funny not to laugh at, besides its not like they asked for it.

Original Kitler Meme

This one might be one of the originals, and even the cat's facial expression mimics the infamous leader.

Adolf Kitler Not Pleased

Adlof Kitler is not pleased, at whatever he is not pleased at. Actually he looks more tired than anything.

Hitler Cat vs Lobster

I have no idea what is going on in this picture, but its great.

Closeup Kitteh

This is one close ass Kitler, he does not look pleased but probably because of the pic.

Fancy Black and White Kitty

Extra fancy kitler right here!

Grammar Nazi Kitty

How do you do a grammar nazi properly? You have to look like this.

I can has poland

No Hitler Kitty you can't have Poland, it is a free country.


Hes a kitler for sure but he still looks happy and cute.

Real kitty doing sieg heil

This one is doing a sieg heil, such a talented kitty. Still, not so socially acceptable these days.

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